Revamping of the EAF Melting Furnace's Main Pulpit at Feralpi Group

AIC Group carried out the modernisation of the main pulpit located in the melting furnace EAF of the Feralpi Group's steel mill (BS, Italy).

Activities started towards the end of December 2022 / January 2023 leading to an improved control station with access to all plant variables. In addition, the process was simplified by reducing hardware controls and switching to touch controls. This has triggered an improvement in supervision and in the human-machine interface, guaranteed by the implementation of an improved overall safety system. Thanks to powerful new industrial cameras and 75'' monitors, the supervision of all points of the plant is ensured directly from the control room.  

Attention to the operators' requirements led to complete satisfaction for the customer. The intervention is based on the main pulpit on which AIC had already worked in the past: this is proof of the solid and lasting partnership with the Feralpi Group.

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