Tags, QR reader and Marking tools



Labels could be used both to indicate quality (with different colours) and for tracking.
A fully integrated tracking system with GPS options for geo-localization, data collection, and database software that is linked to the plant's main system and remote controls provides enhanced traceability.


Thermal transfer printers integrated into the robotic tagging island have an external tag charger capable of handling over 10,000 tags. This is enough for one full production week without having to replace tags or ribbons. Furthermore, printers are configured in a backup mode to avoid stopping the plant when the roll tag expires.


Thermal transfer printers are used to print the relevant data instead of high-precision and long-lasting laser markers for metal tags.
Metal tags with a ceramic surface that are applied at high temperatures of up to 1000 °C are also an option. AIC has also created high-temperature labels for applications requiring temperatures above 1100 degrees Celsius. Their application will be carried out with the assistance of a special tool mounted on the robot's wrist (or "head").


AIC also provides a solution designed for painting coils, slabs, and plates to mark them with a unique paint that sticks firmly to their surface.

For quick and automatic scanning of the product code, the head indicates characters and data that are crystal clear, highly visible, and easy to read.


There are QR code and RFID tag reader options to double-check the printed data with material data from plant tracking. After printing, an identification vision system reads the tag and verifies the data. If the data is consistent, the cycle continues; if it is not, and there is enough time to print a new tag, the cycle will restart from the beginning until the tag is finally applied to the bundle. If there is insufficient time to reprint a tag, the bundle is identified as a 'no-marked' bundle by the tracking system.