Metal supports and welding machine


The tags can be applied using metal support that can be supplied by a specifically engineered machine, a vibrating stud dispenser, or directly through the head of the robot.


Depending on the type of product to which it will be attached:

  1. Ring-shaped supports made of a metal wire supplied through the head of the robot for tagging the coils of wire rods.
  2. Studs supplied by the vibrating stud dispenser for tagging bars and bundles.
  3. Metal supports created by a specially engineered machine for tagging billets, blooms, slabs, etc.
  4. Clip-shaped metal supports for tagging tubes. 

The metal support keeps the printed tag away from the semi-finished or finished products where the material temperature is still high.

For instance, studs are used when the application is done on relatively cold material where it is not a problem to keep the printed tag to a minimum distance between the head of the bundle and the tag itself. For these purposes, a welding machine is installed. There is no need for a welding machine to be used for tagging wire rods, coils and tubes.