Electrical & Automation



AIC solutions cover complete electrical and automation components in melt shops, baghouses, billet/bloom reheating furnaces, and long products rolling mills for long products such as bar/wire rod, section and SBQ.


Manufacturing and supplying AC&DC drive panels to improve power controls of each piece of equipment using all market drives, such as Rockwell Automation, ABB, Siemens, Nidec, based on customer needs/requirements.

AC drives are an appealing option for new rolling mill applications.

To reduce line power and cabinet size, we use an AC multidrive configuration (such as the ACS850, ACS880, and PowerFlex AC Drives): a single supply and DC bus arrangement with multiple inverters. It has significant advantages over other types of drive constructions, such as lower cabling and installation costs, lower maintenance costs, and simpler braking arrangements.

We also provide a full replacement of the primary DC drives and the integration of new parts from all significant DC drive manufacturers.

Typical requirements include upkeep, servicing, upgrades, and conversion; therefore, this complexity necessitates system integration and a partner who is knowledgeable about the procedure at 360 degrees.

We have a profound knowledge: we could offer the retrofitting of older drive installations to keep them up-to-date, with minimum downtime.
We are able to make different drives operate and communicate, modern with new, from different manufacturers, without it being inefficient.

All of the panels and drives are put together in-house, after being tested before being shipped. We use stringent verification techniques and highly standardize the process to guarantee the highest quality standards.

After completing a period of training, all of our technicians and engineers are familiar with the drives, enabling them to arrive on site prepared and guarantee very quick installation and supervision (even remotely) without significant delays.

MCC switchboards are mostly equipped with moulded-case circuit breakers, motor protectors, counters and regulation and control devices.
The solutions also include panels with drawers. They are generally used for softer direct plant starts.


The integration of automation, process technology, and mechanical equipment is central to AIC's solutions for long and flat-product rolling mills for guaranteeing reliability and yield optimization.


We develop automated & tailored solutions with major PLC platforms - such as Siemens, Rockwell Automation and ABB - for different applications. With SCADA-HMI Level 1, we ensure supervision through integrated architecture software such as Ignition, FactoryTalk, Wonderware and WinCC.

AIC is Rockwell Automation Gold Partner and Siemens Solutions Partner.


Level 2&3 is conceived to capture and record signals from the process, analyzing and working on daily data in real-time making production processes more fluid and agile.