People & Health


We nurture our People from an early stage, which is why we work closely with local schools to help students find the right career path. As a family-run business, every individual who gravitates around our universe is part of the family: our goal is to respect them, make them feel at ease and take them along this journey with us, for as long as possible.

Workplace Health Promotion - WHP

We are one of the WHP project's supporters and adherents, with the objective of increasing workplace health through deliberate actions.

  • Encouraging organizational modifications at work to improve health outcomes and decrease risk factors;
  • Creating conditions at work that encourage the adoption of healthy habits and choices, or "pro-health" environments.

In particular, each year, excellent practices or interventions are implemented in a few theme areas, four of which are prioritized (nutrition, physical activity, tobacco smoke, and addictive behaviour).

- More than a Team

Our commitment to growing ours is critical because they represent our future: to do so, we ensure their safety in all forms, in order to completely prevent any injury and negative effect on health: for example, by promoting healthy habits, ensuring regular medical visits, encouraging a proper balance between work and private life, and organizing various sporting activities in groups.

We also conduct risk assessments on a regular basis and take all necessary precautionary measures, aware of the potential dangers of where they operate and providing all necessary individual protection tools. Our employees are constantly informed about occupational health and safety updates and active practices.

'Cause, after all, as a well-known aphorism says: "When there is health, there is everything".


The AIC Healthy Corner was launched with great commitment at the end of 2022: a new internal initiative with the goal of making our colleagues more aware, responsible, and sustainable on the value of proper nutrition and the importance of using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Each month will feature a surprise seasonal fruit or vegetable that will be delivered to everyone. Furthermore, culinary contests are held on a monthly basis, and we have already seen some fantastic recipes created by our colleagues in the kitchen!

Added to this is the activation of the delivery of fresh fruit to each location on a regular basis during the week and new refreshment areas.


In October 2021, we kicked off our first internal AICademy at our operative headquarters in Torbole Casaglia (BS)

« A strong ambition and an equally powerful enthusiasm are the feelings that lead us to this internal training academy launch.
Not a smooth retraining course, but a continuous training path that must serve as a milestone in the growth process of our company and that will allow us to share the unique know-how gained in over 45 years of history. This represents the greatest treasure that AIC holds; we strongly believe and want that our new generation will absorb this wealth of experiences.
We are sure that the worldwide experience in the engineering metal automation process WILL BE in their hands. »

Roberto Migliorati, our Sales Director



A shared space, where each employee can borrow and donate books/magazines of any type of interest to them.
The special aspect of this project will be the SHARING of an experience, to create mutual inspiration and discover new stories through reading.
The project started in Sept. 2023.

“Those who don't read, at the age of 70 will have lived only one life: their own. Who reads it will have lived 5000 years”.

AIC believes in you!

We strictly respect diversity, and we prove inclusivity