Anthropomorphic robot



Anthropomorphic robots are now well-proven devices that are used in a variety of steel industry applications. There are 'foundry' grade models available that are specifically designed to work in harsh environments and are multi-functional.

An anthropomorphic AIC robot typically has 6 degrees of freedom and a wrist load of up to 40 kg.
At the core, the components we use are the best on the market, relying on renowned robotic hardware industry leaders (ABB, KUKA, COMAU, SIEMENS).

The robotic island has a small footprint and can be placed in a properly designed and engineered industrial container (in an open with external barriers or closed solution), housing all the machinery in an air-conditioned and protected area.

Robots could be deployed on guides, and trolleys above multiple production lines for tagging on both sides or integrated with two separate robots, for example.

AIC has created tailor-made solutions to fully cover the entire footprint area based on consumer needs and production volume.
For example, for large production lines or areas with limited space, the characteristics and number of robots can be customized and integrated into an existing production layout. Depending on the situation, this could include floor-mounted or ceiling-mounted robots.