AIC India received the order for revamp of existing shear control systems.

In December 2022 AIC India received the order from one of the Stainless-Steel manufacturers in Western India to overcome the problems with respect to the control systems of Existing Pendulum Shear and Divide shears.

The target of the upgrade was to: 

  • Eliminate the tail cut missing
  • Reduce the length variation at Pendulum Shear
  • Optimization at Divide shear to reduce wastage and improve mill availability by eliminating the cobbles in the finishing area
  • Reduced wear and tear of mechanical and electrical equipment due to controlled shear trajectories to achieve the best utilization of process requirements and overall equipment limitations. 

The scope of supply consists in: 

  • Advanced motion controller from Siemens
  • Axes control to optimize motor usage
  • Integration with the existing system over Profibus 

The equipment will be delivered is foreseen in the first week of this month (Feb 2023) and we expect the system to be commissioned by end of Feb 2023. 

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