AIC India received the order for its production organizer suites

In September 2022 AIC India received an order for its production organizer suite for a customer in South Africa, a comprehensive range of solutions to improve the overall efficiency of the steel plant.

The overall efficiency of the steel plant complex through: 

  • Efficient Raw material planning
  • Sales-order processing
  • Alloy optimization including heat and element balance
  • Production scheduling of different units
  • Production tracking
  • Yield and Delay anáylsis
  • Equipment life monitoring
  • Inventory management of raw material, finished goods, work in progress
  • Stores management
  • Mobile workflow management
  • Interface to external systems (ERP/ Laboratory) 

The software is foreseen to go live by September this year.

With POS Customer aims to improve his: 

  • Overall promise delivery capability
  • Better control of the Cost of production
  • Adherence to Standards and Standard operating practices. 

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