FAT obtained on 2 robotic islands for labeling and marking metal sheets.

The robotics team has successfully undergone testing on n.2 robotic islands that will be installed at the Officine Tecnosider facility in the province of Udine (Northern Italy), in the forthcoming weeks of August.

The twin station will be located on the two sides of the cooling bed on which the rolled plates will be laid for tagging and microdots marking up to 500 °C. 

The labeling is performed using adhesive labels directly on the metal sheet. In both cases, the robot equipped with a dedicated tool picks up the printed tag and affixes it to the sheet in the pre-established area based on the data collected by a laser sensor mounted on the head. This sensor is also used to identify the presence of the sheet metal and possibly verify its width, therefore positioning the robot in the labeling phase.
Once the labeling is complete, the sheet metal marking is carried out using the laser sensor to identify the starting point for the punching tool. Marking is done in an area of 150 x 150 mm.

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