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The AIC safety system can be applied in the whole industry field, thanks to high flexibility and option of customization. Each plant can be ideally partitioned in macro-areas, each relating to a homogeneous phase of the production line, and managed by a specific type of safe access, safety command stations and proper device. A possible breakdown in a single area activates specific tools of protection and does not stop the production and the working activities in other areas.
Example of safety installation designed and commissioned by AIC:

  • Rolling Mill for 120 meters rails
  • Main control desks with released coded keys for Meltshop
  • CCM
  • Hot charging, Entry/Exit Reheating Furnace
  • Sliding & Reversing Rougher
  • Several type of Continuous Mill
  • Cooling bed entry & Finishing lines
  • Cut lines and coils line
  • Auxiliary & Lubrication for both Meltshop & Rolling Mill
  • Stacker
  • Tube line for welding field
  • Fas expander for tubes