24 August 2021

New robotic tagging application order at Alfa Acciai, Italy

Alfa Acciai in Brescia has renewed AICs trust for rolling mill train #TB1 modernization.
The installation of a new advanced solution, a robotic island for tagging bundles in the unloading area, designed by Automazioni Industriali Capitanio, will replace the existing manual tagging system.

The new layout configuration will be equipped with:
- Anthropomorphous Comau Robot ceiling-mounted
- Rockwell control unit for axis and mobile view
- End-Effector consists of pneumatic pliers (to pick up the nail) and the welder machine (to weld the nail to the bundle).
- Safety access control box and robot control with the Safety PLC
- 3D camera vision sensor
- QR code reader for readability check and backup
- Printer bench equipped with two thermal transfer ZEBRA printers up to 10000 tags
- Area protective fences

The project answers the request for achieving full access to process control, enhancing traceability of materials, allowing automatic advanced functions and avoiding complex manual activities.
This new supply will be the fourth robotic island application for Alfa Acciai Group, both for bars and coils.

It is scheduled to be provided in the plant by the end of 2021 and will be completed at the beginning of 2022.

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