11 May 2022

New bars evacuation on cooling bed outlet started at Metallurgica Marcora steel plant

In March, after only four weeks of plant shutdown, the rolling mill Metallurgica Marcora based in Cuggiono (Milan, Italy) restarted production rolling on the cooling bed outlet after AIC integrated the automation system and furnished new equipment for finishing and stacking bars.

The project timely targets the complete mechanical, hydraulic and electrical cold-shear refurbishment, splitting layers for stacking with the rebuff of unwonted bars and piling up bars with a cutting-edge approach before the intervention of the automatic strapping machine.

The package holds brand-new auxiliary drives, process and safety automation through Allen Bradley PLC and Safety PLC, and the deployment of a SCADA system, integrated with AIC's existing one, with a local pulpit.
The automated strapping machine, Engen, has been filled in for the execution of all phases of the strapping cycle, assuring an autonomy of up to 1000 replete sequences.

This step built on the first phase of the project, which was completed last summer and focused on the cold shear area.

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