04 November 2021

Finishing end area automation upgrade in New Jersey, USA.

This step will enable the site to obtain closer hot strip tolerances and to improve the strip quality precision.

As part of the revamp, the area will be fitted with:
- New automation Allen Bradley ControlLogix5000 PLCs for controlling and commanding the signals management from and to the field;
- A control desk for the bundler area inside of the bundler pulpit, suited with a floor mounting desk with steel panels, pushbuttons, bultIn industrial panel mount and touch screen monitor;
- 500 shear pulpit HMI modification;
- New software for the generation of PLC’s set points, the operation supervision, events display and maintenance screens;
- Multilevel alarms stored on the HMI server;
- A new system to count bars from the cooling bed discharge command and track the complete layer formation through the cold cut and until the bundle formation area.

The main result is the stability of the whole rolling process in the finishing end area.
Remote assistance service will be also provided from the start-up, as well as the automatic cycles hot tests and production assistance.

Here's the entire and detailed press release:
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