09 September 2022

Automation Upgrade for Acciaierie Venete, Odolo (BS, Italy).

Acciaierie Venete Group has renewed its confidence in AIC to modernize the automation system on the cooling bed outlet, including the cold shear area, stacking bars, bars exit, and binding.

Activities have taken place during the summer halt, involving the replacement and refurbishment of the obsolete Siemens S5 PLC with a new Rockwell L82 Safety PLC.
The plant was able to resume at full capacity the first day after shutdown., and its performance has since improved because of the continual control work that has increased operational flexibility and sped up the operating line.
AIC also provided installation supervision and commissioning, as well as start-up support and remote assistance.

The work is a continuation of a previous intervention on the same site in 2019, which involved works from the furnace exit to the cooling bed and the auxiliary parts.

The two companies' collaboration is strengthened by renovation projects completed over the last 15 years, including at the plants in Dolcè (VR), Mura (BS), and Sarezzo (BS).

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