27 August 2021

AIC receives Final Acceptance Certificate from Chicago Heights Steel after peel bar system upgrade

On August 25th, 2021, CHS has issued the Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) to AIC for this revamping as ensuring full compliance with final product requirements.

At the end of 2020, Automazioni Industriali Capitanio (AIC) has been selected for the new peel bar system control at the reheating furnace to Chicago Heights Steel (CHS), Illinois.
The solution provided and designed by our company has guaranteed as main benefits the reduction of downtime, the safety of the work environment and the improvement of lead times for products delivery.
Our customer reports that the new system is reliable, and troubleshooting a problem is much easier now, helping them to find out why problems happened.

Chicago Heights Steel will be pleased to perform another, larger-scope, upgrade project next year, which will include drives, automation and HMI for the material handling at the reheating furnace area.
Our team is proud and grateful to successfully complete this project, doing whatever it takes to get a valuable job done.

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