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Robotic tagging applications, tying machines, safety fences and cranes

Publisher: Millennium Steel International 2021
Section: Control & Automation
Page 107: Automatic material handling solutions for the steel industry: robotic tagging applications, tying machines, safety fences and cranes

AIC Group has developed automatic material handling solutions that can be deployed on a wide range of finished and semi-finished products. The applications and machinery have been shown to significantly increase productivity, with accurate material tracking and user friendly data interfaces. The automation and mechatronic state-of-the-art solutions can be smoothly integrated into existing mills and have a range of features to ensure secure and safe operation.

The topics are:
1) Robotic tagging applications for bundles and stacks of metal products, billets, bars, blooms, slabs, wire rods and tubes.
2) Tying machines for bundles, stacks and packs of metal products and wire ties.
3) Safety systems, area protective fences and cranes.