Brochure AIC Robotic Tagging Application
AIC, with its tailored-made solutions, studies and designs intensively the state-of-the-art novelty on the market.
Leveraging AIC’s unparalleled expertise in robotics technologies, our solution is proven to enhance productivity, efficiency and manufacturing flexibility throughout the entire process.
AIC RFID Application
Radio-Frequency IDentification in the Steel Industry - Field of Applications
Brochure Robotic Tagging Application
Developing Robotic Tagging Applications (for bars, wire rods, billets, blooms, slams, etc.), AIC creates advanced state-of-the-art systems to improve productivity, product traceability and workplace safety.

One of the possible solutions could be based on Rockwell Automation components that provide the following benefits:
1) Simple and flexible with the PLC programming software;
2) Accessible with supervision and diagnostic systems such as iba to monitor all parameters and statuses of the robot;
3) Full integration no longer requires a dedicated electrical panel and can be integrated into existing automation panels.
AIC Magazine 2021
Automazioni Industriali Capitanio (AIC) Magazine 2021

High resolution version: https://issuu.com/aic_group/docs/aic_magazine_2021
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Brochure AIC
Brochure AIC