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Gerdau Jackson TN: DC drives according to UL508A and OSHA prescriptions for lock out and arc flash risk reduction

AIC is completing the first step of the Gerdau Jackson TN project, focused on a complete replacement of the Main DC drives for the whole rolling mill stands. Along with these high power control panels, AIC has also designedand developed a state of the art safety solution, in order to allow theoperator safe access to the stands for every possible maintenance orrepairing activity.
The safety for the people and the environment must be considered asone of the main drivers for every responsible steel producers. That’swhy AIC always looks for the most suitable solution for safety whilekeeping high performances of the plants.
The designed solution can combine both safe working conditions andefficient plant performances.

During the engineering phase of this job a safety design appliedto North American standards has been required, mixing the deepexperience developed together with our European clients in the lastten years, with the different standards adopted by American OSHA.The result is a great solution keeping all the previous milestones in theexisting culture but applied in a more modern and efficient way.From the point of view of the power control revamping, the core ofthe job are the 17 new DC drive panels, with the best technologyavailable on the market for DC drives; the selected ABB DCS800 drives, will be fully controlled via Ethernet/IP; furthermore every panel hasbeen designed according to UL508A north American regulation, thestandard for industrial control panels.
Thanks to its certification for the manufacturing of UL equipmentand CSA listed, AIC delivered the whole supply already listed with anofficial Intertek authorization.

The full customer satisfaction during the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)of the panels is another significant step in the cooperation between AICand Gerdau, one of the most important steel group in North and SouthAmerica and one of the leading steel producer in the world.