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23 October 2021
AIC ACADEMY kicks off!
This morning, in our operative headquarters in Torbole Casaglia (BS), the AIC AICADEMY first lesson has officially started!

"A strong ambition and an equally powerful enthusiasm are the feelings that lead us in this internal training academy launch.
Not a smooth retraining course, but a continuous training path that must serve as a milestone in the growth process of our company and that will allow us to share the unique know-how gained in over 45 years of history. This represents the greatest treasure that AIC holds; we strongly believe and want that our new generation will absorb this wealth of experiences."
— Roberto Migliorati, our Sales Area Manager

07 October 2021
AIC at 9th Made in Steel, 2021
The three days of the Conference & Exhibition were intense and inspiring, with the press conference as the main event, held by our managing director, Marco Capitanio, our Sales Area Manager, Roberto Migliorati and our Business Development Manager North America, Antonio Ambra.

We highlighted AIC’s further strategic direction, discussing the projects we are involved in, from historical customers to the new ones.
Moreover, we presented the implications of KIA majority acquisition and a pilot project aimed at the direct reduction of H2O-based processes, where KIA will be involved in the electrical and automation parts.

First time ever, we announced AIC INNOVA, a NewCo developed with a Swedish partner. It will involve a new mechatronic machine for trimming and sampling operations, able on removing automatically pieces of coils from wire rod coils produced in the still-hot rolling mill, for the first time ever in the steel industry.

Finally, we even launched AIC AICADEMY: an opportunity in which figures full of experience will transfer know-how to the brilliant young AIC resources.

If you missed the opportunity to take part in, the full press conference is available on our YouTube channel at the link below:

26 August 2021
Presentazione dei "Fab Four" nella sede di AIC
Nella nostra sede operativa di Torbole Casaglia (BS), ha avuto luogo la conferenza stampa della Feralpisalò con al centro quattro giovani promesse, ora aggregate alla prima squadra.
Un futuro ricco di sogni e speranze, con il sacrificio come mantra a sostegno della loro ambizione.

Un momento particolarmente sentito dal nostro presidente, e vicepresidente della squadra, Dino Capitanio, che ha voluto lanciare un monito a questi ragazzi: "parlare poco ed ascoltare molto".

Auguriamo a tutti i #LeonidelGarda una grandissima stagione.
Il calcio di inizio per il campionato di SerieC si terrà Sabato 28 Agosto, ore 17.30, allo stadio Turina (Salò, BS).

07 August 2021
AIC sponsors the V Trofeo Carlo Pasini - 2nd Steel Cup
AIC enters the field for supporting sport in an event that adds meaningful value even for steel industry.

The V Trofeo Carlo Pasini - 2nd Steel Cup has taken place at the Turina stadium in Salò (BS, Italy) last Saturday, involved the organizer FERALPISALÒ with football teams, Virtus Entella and A.S. Cittadella.

Automazioni Industriali Capitanio is honored to lead the steel sector into the football world.
We are proud to be a part of this initiative, a moment of real sharing to kick off a great #restart.

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