27 October 2020

AIC completed the revamping project at Ecoacciai in Italy

Following the first phase of the project, AIC successfully completed the second phase of the revamping project at Ecoacciai in Pontedera (Italy). The full scope of the project included the replacement of the scrapping mill automation part, the hardware integration, the software security & safety systems installation.

The second stage of the modernization consists of:
- Installation of the safety access with electronic doors and coded key system to access the area
- Activation of the entire security system
- Access control to production areas for maintenance and operation activities due to the full controlled safety system
- Installation of the TVCC

The security system is accessible from the main control room and the local offices. It will also be monitored remotely by supervisors from the office in Odolo (Italy). All data related to the production control and the plant’s operations can be viewed remotely.

The second phase was completed as scheduled. New equipment, updated software and control systems (with radio and remote modes) simplify the operations and make the entire system more user-friendly and increase the safety level.

The project has been developed in collaboration with Marco Angiolini (Mill Department Manager at Ecoacciai), who identified different zones in the production area in order to have a more dynamic control on each component, not having to stop the entire plant for single interventions and ensuring a high security level in both production and maintenance phases.

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