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Automation control system for different solutions of modern Roughing mill

The increasing need of several steel producers to combine flexibility, rolling speed performances and high quality of finishing products is pushing mechanical and automation suppliers to find and develop solutions with a high technological impact, able to ensure quick answers to changing and dynamic market requirements.

Furthermore possible dimensional constraints of production site, both for green field projects and revamping ones, don’t allow sometimes to implement typical configuration of rolling mill for long products, due to the absence of enough spaces for installing a continuous roughing mill of horizontal & vertical stands.

In this paper we’ll present some four hands projects, developed by AIC’s technical department side by side with the most important mechanical suppliers to optimize different roughing mill groups and to minimize the rolling time, thanks to an innovative engineering approach and advanced strategies and methodologies of automation software packages.The experience and the results of these jobs demonstrate that innovative mill configuration allow to achieve a reduction of mechanical and erection costs as well as smaller footprint.